28 Days of Autumn ~ Sonoma County Infographic summary

28 Days of Autumn ~ Infographic summary

Thanks everyone for your input and participation concerning my recent “28 Days of Autumn” photo series. I created a couple Infographics revealing some interesting demographic insights by examining parallel social media results and findings generated across Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest and Twitter. I was delighted to see a 22% trend increase in visits and traffic on my blog and amazed by the international exposure and shared global passion for fall season. I’ll wrap up and finish a leaf and color survey and video compilation this weekend. One of my 2014 online projects is to promote, host and cultivate a new Facebook business site to increase customer foot traffic for a local nursery and possibly leverage, find and engage new prospects and customers with similar visual seasonal promotions and campaigns.

28 Days of Autumn, Sonoma County CA

28 Days of Autumn, Sonoma County CA #1

28 Days of Autumn, Sonoma County CA #2

28 Days of Autumn, Sonoma County CA #2

28 Days of Autumn; Day 1 ~ Pin Oak ‘Quercus palustris’ – Petaluma, CA

28 Days of Autumn

Inspired by Fall season and celebrating the spectrum of natural colors all around us, I’ll be posting daily and featuring a new seasonal photo journal called the “28 Days of Autumn”. This album will include and capture the fantastic foliage and random leaf peeping opportunities around Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties. Don’t blink, November and Thanksgiving are just around the corner!

Day 1 ~ Pin Oak ‘Quercus palustris’, Petaluma, CA — Sonoma County.

Pin Oak 'Quercus palustris'

Day 1 ~ Pin Oak ‘Quercus palustris’