SMART Novato, Board meeting Sonoma Raceway – Amtrak connection

Interesting rail line developments were revealed at the Feb 20 , 2013 SMART Staff and public board meeting. Board Member Announcement section, general managers report; video presentation (4 minutes)

An unexpected proposal was introduced to connect SMART in Novato, at the Sonoma’ Infinity’ Raceway venue location. The raceway owners are promoting an event in June and will be bringing Amtrak service from downtown Sacramento to the doorstep of the raceway, leveraging existing railroad lines and infrastructure through Yolo -> Solano -> Napa -> Sonoma counties. The’ve expressed interest to connect this new rail hub into the Sonoma / Novato SMART rail service for future 2014-2015 events. This proposal has the potential of connecting Sonoma/ Marin counties to the Sacramento-SF bay area recreational and commuter Amtrak lines providing greater long term outreach and usage on public rail transit for commuters and businesses. Short term benefit, offering a much needed solution to the horrific vehicle gridlock and public safety issues on Hwy 37 during large events.

General Manager’s report from the February 2013 board meeting.

Click to access 2-20%20GM%20Report%20to%20Board.pdf

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